Forging a new path in Risk Management

Our Mission

We are problem solvers

We are problem solvers. We are solution providers. 

Our mission is to utilize our diverse experience in various industries to provide the most efficient, cost effective and intelligence-based risk management solutions.

Who We Are

We are a group of seasoned management professionals with decades of experience in senior management level positions in various industries.

Our team and associates consist of former C-level executives, Region/ Division Presidents, Director and Senior Manager level leadership in various functions as well as professionals with various management levels of public and private sector experience.

We are particularly well positioned to provide solutions in Supply Chain, Distribution and Manufacturing environments.

Our Philosophy

Once is an anomaly, twice is a coincidence, three times is a pattern; respond accordingly
  • We are proponents of intelligence based proactive protection systems.
  • We take an analytical approach to finding root causes to problems and providing workable solutions.
  • We believe that complete risk management is cyclical process of continuous improvement.
  • We understand the cost constraints of business and propose solutions that adequately address the risk while best leveraging assets to do more with less.

Continuous Assessment (and Improvement)
Risk Mitigation Cycle

Our Training Programs

 We follow the Educate-Train-Challenge model to ensure that all aspects of the learning experience are covered.


Services Offered

Our Investigative offering includes
  • Employment/ Background verification
  • OSINT Background/ Social Media Due diligence
  • Internal Investigations (Internal theft, Insider Risk, Sabotage, Workplace Violence, etc.)
  • 3rd Party due diligence
  • Asset Tracking
  • Family Office Support Intellectual Property
  • Construction Fraud Investigations  
Risk Advisory Services
  • Family Office Support
  • Insurance Fraud
Physical Security Consulting
  • Physical Security Assessments
    Whether you are trying to minimize your risks and get a better understanding of your company or personal security posture stands; or if you are trying to reach compliance of an industry certification where physical security is a concern (ISO, CTPAT, TAPA, FTZ, etc.) we can assess and provide you a framework/ action plan to reach your security goals.
  • Physical Security Program Design
  • Physical Security Vendor management
  • Physical Security Penetration testing
Executive Protection and Crisis Management
  • Our team has decades of experience providing protective services to Dignitaries, Heads of State, High net worth individuals, Executives, Celebrities and victims of domestic violence/ stalking.
  • We have experience dealing with KNRE situations and can provide guidance through this type of crisis.
  • Our staff is well versed in developing crisis management table-top exercises to handle your specific needs.
  • Our team provides training in the area of security awareness ranging from raising the awareness level of the individual to specific tactics and procedures related to executive protection teams.